6 Amenity Trends We’re Seeing that Benefit Renters

It’s a great time to rent in Vancouver. With inventory ranging from apartments through to detached homes, the Vancouver rental market has long since offered variety, yet even seasoned renters may find themselves amazed at the range of new amenities that are quickly becoming the local norm. Many rental buildings we’re seeing these days boast thoughtful features like innovative common areas, communal garden settings and in-building services. These shared amenities create vibrant and collaborative environments in which residents can enjoy a real sense of community within their own home.

Truly multi-purpose spaces

Most rental buildings come equipped with at least one communal space, but what we’re seeing in 2018 is an updated attitude towards these common areas. For instance, it isn’t unusual to find a warm and welcoming lobby, a multi-purpose lounge and a communal alfresco dining area, all in one building. Developers are even building certain rooms with indoor/outdoor connections, providing additional room to move and mingle.

These multi-purpose areas are much more than the rec rooms of years past. They encourage a community mindset and an overall sense of cohesion. Families and individuals have the opportunity to easily interact with other residents, which helps to promote a neighbourly atmosphere.

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Content provided by The Rennie Group