Top Public Elementary Schools in Vancouver

When young families are searching for a new home to better fit their changing lives, local schools are often top of the list when differentiating between neighbourhoods. Some areas may have convenient amenities, some may have vast green space, while others may be very well connected to the surrounding parts of the city. All of these attributes are important to family life, but arguably none compare when it comes to which school’s catchment area your new home falls within.

Here we take you through the top public schools in Vancouver as ranked by the Fraser Institute.

Elementary Schools
Jamieson Elementary

Dr Annie B Jamieson

Location: 6350 Tisdall Street

Neighbourhood: Oakridge

2015-16 Rank: 99/956

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary is one of the most diverse educational institutions in Vancouver, with 16 languages spoken by families in the school’s community. With a curriculum designed around respect for self, others, and our community the school also offers the largest orchestral Strings Program in the city as well as the only intermediate Mandarin Bilingual Program in the district. Music is a large part of the school’s extracurricular offerings, such as Choir and solo instrument instruction along with cooking, science, athletics, and art.

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